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Tiny House

A very small one bedroom for one or two people.

Open Living Area

A simple layout with one bedroom a small bathroom and a living space. The size of 4.5m x 7.5m, about 34 m2, is more like a flat.

But because of the open plan kitchen and living area, with the high ceiling, it still feels spacious.

Tiny Attic

This amount of space-saving leaves little storage space, but the upstairs can be used with a separate ladder.

Also, there is no separate entrance, only the terrace door, and only a simple heat-pump for heating.


Because of the simplicity and size, the Tiny house is very affordable, starting 69k. 

hd tiny house.jpg

Pricing and options

A note about what is included, what is optional. Also we compare to the other designs.

Prices include almost everything you need to move in. Everything not included is basically things that EcoFrame House does not deliver or influence. This means foundations, building inspector, water and electrical connections are not included. Prices are understood to base off a permit, which must be applied for by the customer, and upon which concrete prices and the contract are based.

Everything else is included, but in the starts at prices in a basic version.

Basic versions of surfaces eg include basic panelling or pine floor.


For even smaller budgets or needs, we can make the dimensions even smaller.

We don't recommend that rather one can change the trusses to factory trusses and not have the open space.

If a bathroom is not needed we can remove interior walls and just have one open space.


If this is too small, we can make the dimensions larger. Up to 6x10m with this same design.

But if you need more rooms, look at our 2 bedroom model


In such a small house the options are quite limited. Even adding a porch makes this already the Small House.

Like in all designs, one can of course change the interior surfaces and window sizes.

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