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Small House

A small but cosy one bedroom house for a young couple

Open Living Area

A simple layout with one bedroom a small bathroom and a living space. A little larger than the tiny house, 5m x 8m. The open plan kitchen and living area, with the high ceiling, make it feel spacious.

This model has a separate side entrance with porch, but an end-terrace with wide doors can still be added if wanted.

Storage Attic

Since the downstairs does not have much storage space, the upstairs can be used with a ladder.


Budget heating can be achieved with a normal heat pump. But floor heating with an air-water heat pump is a more comfortable option.

Prices start at 89k. 


hd small house.jpg

Pricing and options

A note about what is included, what is optional. Also, we compare to the other designs.

Prices include almost everything you need to move in. Everything not included is basically things that EcoFrame House does not deliver or influence. This means foundations, building inspector, water and electrical connections are not included. Prices are understood to base off a permit, which must be applied for by the customer, and upon which concrete prices and the contract are based.

Everything else is included, but in the starts at prices in a basic version.

Basic versions of surfaces eg include basic panelling or pine floor.


For even smaller budgets or needs, look at the tiny house, a slightly reduced version of this one.

Also one can change the trusses to factory trusses and not have the open space.


The dimensions can be enlarged to about 8x11m if more space is needed. The living space can be 8x6m at the largest.

If more rooms are needed the natural step is to make the attic usable, which is exactly what the Small Family House does. 


Apart from the dimensions and surfaces, heating is the main choice here. While the basic heat pump is cheaper, floor heating is more comfortable.

Also, a separate wood-burner would be possible.

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