Ecoframe Concept

All the materials we use are ecological,
mostly wood based.
Needless to say there is no plastic used in
Ecoframe houses.
The timber-frame wood is sourced from local, sustainable forests.


These are key examples, as a full list would be too long. As always we are open to customer wishes.


Wood is a renewable resource and in it's basic form makes up a large percentage of an ecoframe house.
Examples include studs, outer panelling, inner panelling, spacers and skirting.


Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is produced by pressing small pieces of wood together. It uses almost any wood and produces a hard, strong board. We use M1certified eco-boards produced without formaldehydes. OSB Board are mostly used in the construction, but may also provide inexpensive surfaces, eg in ceilings.


We use blown insulation, either made from paper, or wood. Paper based is the cheapest, but contains relatively much salt as retardent. On the other hand, Ehta's wood chips are 100% wood but slightly less insulation value. The middle road, also in terms of cost, is Huntons wood fibre.

Of course even more materials are needed for a whole house, but this gives a good overview. We are always open to customer wishes and suggestions.



We use woodfibre weatherboards as the outer skin of the insulated volume of the house. The boards are taped and provide a complete windtight skin around the house.


Fermacells fibreboard, pressed from fibre and lime, is a more ecological alternative to gypsum-board that we use for inner walls. It is much more dense, thus providing better sound and fire resistance and only requires a single layer.


We source, saw and plane all posts and beams needed for the timberframe part of an Ecoframe house.
The wood is sourced from local farmers who practise sustainable forestry. The wood, usually 20x20 cm, is dried for a year before further use.


Among other finishes, we use clay, which can be rendered straight onto the fermacell fibreboards, given a lovely natural finish.

Clay can be used as a paint or a one or two layer plaster of different coarsness. Clay comes in many colors and shades.


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