Find your unique expression

Your house should not only suit your space needs, but also uniquely fit your taste. If you want, we can help you with creating one, or you can get an Architect.

It is important that you find someone who you work well with and who can bring your vision to paper.

Here is an overview of the things that have to be decided at this stage. The result of this first phase is a set of drawings for the planning permit.


Cladding and roof

Most cladding is in the same cost category, so that is just up to your taste. Roofs other than sheet metal range from expensive to very expensive and are not really worth the extra cost in terms of lifespan. Another taste choice as it were.


Passive or not

Which way a house faces, and what windows it has affects cost, style and energy consumption. While we promote passive design, this is your choice and part of the initial permit application.

Many of these decisions are the most difficult ones for people building their first house. It is therefore very import that you find someone who understands you well and you are comfortable with, also in terms of cost.

We will provide the first few meetings free of charge, and mostly explain our concept.

If you choose to go with us for this phase, we charge a very reasonable rate. We have off course experience with this style of house, and can quickly sketch your ideas.



Affects budget most

Budget is what usually restricts size and this is is where a preliminary decision is needed almost from the word go. 

Different space needs can be accommodated in different ways though, and as this affects budget, we have a separate page describing that.


Or number of rooms

Off course this works in tandem with the size, but finding an optimal use for the space you can afford is not easy, especially the first time.

We help with our experience and models.


Style and amount

The timberframe part can be very minimal, or very prominent. You can choose flat or high open spaces. Also the style of trusses and braces, and the color you choose influence the outcome strongly. There is a sperate page about the topic here, and another about how this affects budget.

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