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The ecoframe concept is very simple: A thick ecological insulation layer around a traditional timber-frame. Yet there are many implications and options, which we explain in more detail.


Fulfils passive standard

A very thick insulation is made possible by the fact that the insulation layer is not structural. This makes it much cheaper to add insulation to almost double what is required by law.

All our insulation options are ecological and wood-based. Ekovilla is made from recycled paper. Hunton nativo is 95% wood fiber and Ehta 100% wood chips.

They are very similar in performance and price, with Ekovilla being the cheapest, Ehta the best for strong allergies, and Hunton the middle way in both respects.


A century old tradition

Timberframing joins large wood without nails, to provide a rigid structure for a house. The amount of wood used for this is actually less than in modern building and timber frame houses have lasted for centuries.

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The concept leaves you to choose many things


You are completely free to choose the interior. That not only means room layout, but also the amount of timber-frame, and surfaces of the walls.


You can also change the exterior cladding to your taste. Vertical or horizontal boards, different profiles, and of course color. Make it your own.


You can also choose the amount of and style of windows. To be a passive house, we recommend the larger south, and smaller north-facing system that increases energy intake, see here.

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Even you can choose these too, here our recommendations


A point foundation has several benefits. It is both cheaper and provides the underside of the house with good airflow.


Modern metal sheet roofs are the best choice, especially in snowy countries. They have a long life (25 years guarantee), are light, easy to install, and handle snow well. The only downside, noise, is muffled by the large insulation layer.

Solar Gains

Overhangs, either for terraces or porches, towards the south make larger windows work better. Large windows may otherwise let in too much heat during the summer, reducing energy efficiency considerably due to the cooling need.

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Continue with one of the following


Ecoframe fulfills the passive house standards.


All the steps from idea to moving in.

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